Vandana Kapur is a digital marketing strategist by profession and the founder of a leading digital marketing agency, The Channel. Vandana nurtured a deep passion to the realm of digital marketing since her younger school years. Being a firm believer of the adage ‘The sky is the limit’, coupled by her family that groomed her to make her own choices, and of course, come to terms with their repercussions, Vandana ventured into a diplomatic study of Advertising and Marketing from the London College of Communication, University of Arts, London. Upon its completion, she soon pursued Masters in Marketing Communication from the University of Westminster, London.

With the core indispensable skillsets, Vandana incarnated her marketing aspirations by working on real-time, exigent marketing projects with a UK firm. Her strategic play of mind coupled with her unswerving determination, she launched The Channel.

The Channel is a digital marketing agency offering lead generation services through integrated digital marketing solutions.

Following global standards in digital marketing & being well versed with the latest digital hacks and tools, we help your brand outstand the competitors & reach the desired target audience with our well-strategized lead generation strategies. We help position your brand to establish authority, trust & credibility.

Along with the expertise in marketing, digital & communication disciplines, we have the industry knowledge, insights & technical resources. Combined with this, our highly skilled team dedicatedly works to develop your brand significantly.

Since its initiation in 2012, The Channel has gained a reputation of one of the most professional digital marketing agency specializing in leads generation. For us, it’s all about RESULTS for your business and we truly believe that our business is to make your business grow.

While Vandana has been working actively since she was 20 years old, she halted one day to reflect on how she’d been handling her finances. She realized that she was an entrepreneur and a working professional, but without a savings plan. That gave a jolt to the cognizance that should she ever stop earning she would be dependent for finances.

Being the ambitious woman that she was, she steered her life into a meaningful course of action by making small investments in bank deposits, PPF, gold etc., only to eventually invest in Real Estate and create rental income to create a monthly cash flow. Thus, when colossal needs rose, she wouldn’t be dependent on anyone.

In the meanwhile, Vandana recollected down in the dump stories of how young lasses and women felt insecure and exposed due to the lack of hand-down money while being prevented from working. Such narratives much disturbed her and provoked her to unearth the solution to their pains.

Vandana’s unrelenting passion thus resulted in the inception of Investor Ladies in 2020, a platform that administers dependable and sound advice on investments and finances for women.


2003 – 2006

BA Marketing & Advertising, University of Arts, London

Certification in Visual Thinking, University of Arts, London

2003 – 2006

Diploma in Graphic Design with specialization in advertising for print, Arena Multimedia

3D animation certification, MAAC

3 months marketing Internship at Here&Now 365, London

2006 – 2007

MA Marketing Communication, University of Westminster, London

3 months PR Internship at, London

2007 – 2010

Online Marketing Assistant, Sportsyndicator, London


5 week Photography workshop, Delhi Photography Club

2011 – 2012

Marketing Head, Golden Bricks, India


Founded The Channel


Certification of Mastery in Digital Marketing, Business Coaching India.


Founded Investor Ladies